too much football for a month

14 Jun

london 6.32pm 22.3C sunny 2018

its hari raya puasa today, but you wont notice it here in uk as they dont celebrate it. however, the malaysian group here have organised a dinner tomorrow, in a restaurant in harrow. harrow is way out west of london, but i guess it is better value than if they hold it in one of the central london malaysian restaurants. i think it is also a good thing to give some business to the outlying restaurants outside central london. there are 24 people booked to go, and there is a waiting list. i am not one of them, haha. too lazy to go there.

today is also the start of the world football matches for the world cup. the opening ceremony and first game has just been broadcast live on bbc. i did not bother to see it, but simon saw it. i dont know who won. haha. and not bothered to find out. i think this world cup happens every 5yrs, 4yrs, ( i found an entry i made in 2014 about it)but i dont recall it was so much featured on tv the last time. that must be in 2013. 2014. perhaps the bbc had not paid so much to televise it live that time and so lost the rights in the bidding to broadcast it live. this year they have got lucky and got it. perhaps with all the controversy of it being held in russia and russia being so hostile to gays, so much so that they are advising gay fans to not go there to see it, so maybe it is not so attractive to the tv stations to bid high price for the rights to broadcast it. whatever, we are now getting a lot of these matches being broadcast live by the bbc and clogging up the program guides. this year i know usa lost the qualifying matches so are not going to be in the running for it even. it just goes to show the usa is not really that big a fan of soccer. i wonder if there are live matches of the football being broadcast elsewhere in the world. maybe it is over the internet so people from other parts of the world can watch it. the time difference with russia makes these matches happen in  daytime in uk, rather than in the early hours of the morning.

the newspapers are so short of news, they are all printing out the timetable of matches and giving it as a free supplement. newspapers are always on the lookout for news to print. but summer time, everyone is not making news. 



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