salad tomatoes

17 Jun

london 11.43pm 17.8C cloudy , rain earlier, sunday 2018

supposed to be father’s day today. but not a lot of free offers for fathers. when i entered today’s unique number in the daily mail nectar points promotion , it tells me i can get a free 7day pass to pure gym. that is a nice offer, even if it is not a father’s day offer. i shall make use of it, to go to the pure gym near me in victoria. they normally charge £37 a month. i used to be a member long ago when it was a LA fitness  gym. they have a swimming pool , jacuzzi, and sauna in there, though if u go into their website now, there is no mention of it. i wonder if they have taken it out. surely not, because their other gyms cost less to join, £20 a month. 

there is a live show by westend musicals today (and yesterday too) in trafalgar square , to show case their acts. it is free but the crowd is so large, that i did not bother to go. they do this every year. in the past they used leicester square, but it is too small, and so now they do it in trafalgar square. but it means the planned eid festival to celebrate the end of ramadan, which should take place in trafalgar square at around this time did not take place. but the whole area was still very busy. even with the vast crowd in trafalgar square, china town and the area round it was just as busy with people. but there was no sense of it being too much people. in that sense london seem to be able to cope very well with the visitors crowds. unlike venice and so many other tourists towns.

i passed a local store near the paddington library, and saw they have tomatoes, displayed outside the shop, quite large ones, on sale for 79p/kg. both loose tomatoes and tomatoes on the vine. i thought that is a good price so i bought 5, 70p worth. i have never bought anything there before as usually these corner stores have  their prices way higher than anywhere. 

Digital StillCamerausually when i am in brixton or in the supermarkets, the tomatoes are so small and cost more. these will go very well in a salad. eaten with mozzarella and basil and olive oil, it is heaven.

added 1.51pm, i stopped by the sainsburys to buy the mozarella, and ate it for lunch. i used only one tomato, it was that big. 

Digital StillCamera


2 Responses to “salad tomatoes”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday June 17, 2018 at 12:18 pm #

    That is a good offer and agree with your method of eating them.

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday June 17, 2018 at 1:50 pm #

    it is so easy to prepare , the basil tomato mozzarella. anyone can do it, and so delicious.

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