chinese wedding photos with london as the backdrop

22 Jun

london 4.50pm 22.7C sunny friday 2018

i live in london and i forget how exciting it can be for those who have never come here before. and it is nice to be reminded of it when i read this article about chinese couples , men and women, coming to london in their wedding finery to take pictures posing in front of london’s, and uk’s scenery as background.

i have seen these couples of course, when i am out and about… though usually on a gloomy day, with the bride carrying her wedding gown waist high to avoid it dragging on the ground, whilst  a man carrying camera equipment and woman fussing around them taking pictures. the groom usually is not dressed well, looking scruffy, only the woman looking all dressed up; and very often i see the white gown having very muddy hems, looking very soiled from being dragged around so much. haha. i hope their photo comes out nicer than it looked… and they are able to hide all the mud. perhaps it is a bride only photo shoot , so the groom need not look his best yet. 

i used to think when i see these couples out and about, trying to take pictures amidst all the other tourists milling about the area that they have gotten married recently  and so taken some of the time to go round the london landmarks to take after -wedding photos. but this article tells me that actually they come here to take photos before they are engaged even, going through the whole thing just so they can show these photos during their wedding day in china or hongkong. it seems there is some kind of social cachet to it. and looking at one of these links, the photos look very classy, makes the bride and groom look real romantic and dashing… come to think of it, i am sure they must go all round the world doing this, taking wedding pictures in all the famous landmarks all over the world. or is it something they do only in london and uk… because london has a special meaning for them…? i am thinking it might work well if they use them as honeymoon pictures, to show when they get back from their honeymoon.  it must be something to show to the people back home when you come back from the honeymoon. even though the pictures are taken before the engagement even. 

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