100 most influential people in 2018

25 Jun

london 7.27pm 27.7C (high of 31.2C at about 5pm). sunny monday 2018

they did forecast it, this high temperature, i mean, so they might be right for a change this time. haha. anyway, because it is the first time it hit that high, it was quite pleasant. if it goes on for many days at this high, then it becomes unbearable. but today it is not too much. and interestingly there cannot be a high pollen count, even though the forecast says so, because i dont seem to have hay fever. the air looks quite clear too, unlike those times when i really suffer hay fever, i can see the air is very dusty. but not today.

i went out quite a number of times, just to enjoy the air. though i cheated a bit by going on the bus and inside the airconditioned air of the bus, so was quite comfortable. and then i would go into the supermarkets, so again kept inside. the only time i was really outside was when i was wandering around brixton market, buying garlic and chilli. and even then, it was very pleasant. maybe because it was quite early about 11am.

it was lovely to be able to enjoy it all, with the sky so blue, with not a cloud in the sky. and enjoying going under the shade of the trees that line the road where i live. so cooling, from these trees. there is something about shade from trees that is so exhilarating, so different from shade from buildings or man made shelters. it recalls memories of childhood when we would just spent time under the trees, enjoying its shade and nothing else. there was plenty of time then to do just that. 

i was going out of my flat, and saw someone had put a lot of unopened time magazines on the window ledge of the hallway. it was one of the flats above me. they must have paid for a subscription but never got round to opening it and reading it. 

quite interesting topics all of them , so i brought them into the flat to read. i used to like reading these magazines, newsweek i recall was another one that i used to read. but i think i got bored with it, when it talked a lot of american politics rather than world politics, and i stopped reading them. all of them are rather thin, i noticed. only the one about the 100 most influential people was thick with lots of pages. 

the one about the 100 most influential lists some people i never heard of . it is quite a eye opening read. so many who have done things and i have never heard of them. and none of it was reported in the daily newspapers that i read. 

times magazine have an online presence, but the articles there dont seem to be the same as the ones i read here in the physical magazine. i have noticed that in other publications, like newspapers for eg the online news of the guardian, etc, dont really give all that is published in the phyical paper. it is understandable, after all, if u are reading it free, you should not expect to be able to access the whole newspaper or magazine. but the trouble is you wont know what u missed. it is a catch 22 situation which all online news have to contend with. how much to let free, how much to keep in the physical paper, so that u make people want to buy the physical paper. 



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