all kinds of lives

29 Jun

london 8.02am 14.3C sunny friday 2018

i thought it was saturday, until i looked at the date in my laptop and realised it is friday. when you are not working, it is easy to forget what day it is.

i keep a wall calendar, and cross off the days as it goes by, and often, it lags behind the actual day. sometimes i remember to cross it off late last night, but if i forgot that i had cross it off the night before, than today i would be left wondering what day it is… and simon is no help, since he said it was saturday today.

well, saturday is the day when i go to get the weekly tv guide, that is what makes it different from the other days. well, when u are not working, nothing makes a big difference in the days. i like it, but i can see others who are more goal driven will find it depressing. it is not enough just to enjoy the lovely day and contemplate life. for many others, they need to be doing something. and so that is how neighbours get into a fight with each other over trivial things like the border fence. they want something to do. 

there are lots of things going on in the world at large. i read about it and am glad i dont have to deal with those things.

that is one good thing about not being in the mainstream of life… you dont have to worry about what is going on in the rest of the world , or even in the rest of the country. i read about it in a ‘gosh whatever will they think of next’ way, rather than ‘what is the world coming to, we are doomed.’

again, i know it might bother some retired people, maybe a lot of people, because i dont think there are a lot of people like me who dont much mind being out of the mainstream of life. to some, a life like that is like being a failure. they want to be remembered for something that they have achieved. it is a fact that only a few will have done that, most of us will lead lives that are ordinary and than we retire, and disappear. and we dont even have pearls of wisdom to impart.

then there are those whose circumstances are such that they have a lot of personal problems in their lives. those are the worst kind of lives. they are stuck with those problems and will feel trapped. sometimes i wonder why some people have them whilst others dont. is it pure luck, or what? is it fate, or karma?

Digital StillCamera

added. 10.21am 17C sunny. M&S cafe marble arch store. that pic is the medium chocolate i got free from the daily mail voucher. today is the last day to redeem it. it only costs 5 nectar points, which is very low. considering last year they gave starbucks hot drinks free for 75 points. but this year, only the marble arch store of all the cental london stores; will redeem it. and even so, the cashier did not know of this offer and had to get help to put in the code. when i asked her is this the first time someone had redeemed it, she said it was for her.

i myself only claimed one voucher, instead of the three they offer. and i live near the marble arch store. but even then, it did not attract me to take up more of the free vouchers. if it had been possible to redeem it in more of their stores, (and i am thinking of the victoria branch), i will have got more of the vouchers. but i guess at least M&S is brave enough to even join the daily mail for this.

in the past small retailers like paperchase have been scolded for doing so by some people in social media. and then compounded it by apologising , thereby antagonising a lot of daily mail readers.i wonder maybe that is why starbucks have stopped joining up with the daily mail. social media have made possible a minority to use bullying tactics on the majority. 

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