return to the home country to retire

30 Jun

london 9.46am 17C sunny saturday 2018

i woke up at about 2.30am , because i went to sleep at about 9pm yesterday. i do that sometimes, one of the joys of not working, so that whenever i feel sleepy i can just go to bed.

and i was browsing the news at that time of the morning and saw in the daily mail, an article about how the windrush generation who had gone back to retire in jamaica risk being killed by the locals, because the locals  think they are rich.

now i cannot find that article, to link to, but it did make me think … it is the common perception with us migrants who leave our home country that one day we might go back to spend our retirement years… but it seems for jamaicans it might not be a safe thing to do.

i have a filipino friend who goes back to visit and tells me it is a expensive time, because not only the flight costs a lot, but she is expected to give money to all her relatives, it being assumed that she is wealthy and they expect some of her largesse to come their way as a form of family obligation. but no one got killed who returned to retire there, as far as i can tell. maybe because they give money to all, and are considered a source of wealth, so no need to kill them to steal it.

i thought the article was in the daily mail, but it is in the guardian, as i found out when i made a google search. here it is. it seems it is not new, retired expats have been murdered over many years. i dont read of this happening in other countries , so maybe it is a unique jamaican problem.

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