hotmail changes

1 Jul

london 10.14am sunny 18C sunday 2018

i wonder if anyone else has experience of the new outlook hotmail format changes.

yesterday my outlook hotmail account, one of them, changed to the new update that they have been telling me for some time. i have not opted for it, as i was happy with the old way. i thought i shall let them force me into it and yesterday it came.

as usual i was confused by it. they split the screen so that when u click on a email message, instead of it opening full screen to show its full message, it uses half the screen and it was so small you cannot read it. this one really put me off, but fortunately after clicking around, i found the setting button, and that allowed me to select to hide it…and that seems to make it open full screen like before.

the other change was a ‘favourite’ folder, that they put on top ahead of the usual folders which contain all the usual ones. which to me is just a extra bit to overlook. fortunately, i discovered a way to get rid of it. 

then an old thing that they introduced long ago which i could not get rid of when it first came out.  the inbox has  a ‘focused’ , and ‘other’ section. it was a bother, because the ‘other’ section carries an ever changing advert as an incoming email. but in fiddling around , i found a way to get rid of it. i now have just the inbox for all my emails that are from my stored address book. all other emails from anyone else goes to the junk section. and today when i got messages, that advert that always comes up in the inbox has gone as well. so it is a good thing, this new change . it allows me to find the buttons that got rid of the changes.

and not all the changes are bad…there is  one that i like, it is a button on the top left, that allows you to get rid of the side bar containing the folders… so allowing you to read the messages really full screen.

simon told me he lost his hotmail account, because he did not send messages from it and it seems that counts as it being inactive. i thought all you have to do to keep it active is to go into the account at least once every 3months or so… i go into it everyday and delete messages. i have two accounts, and i do send messages because john has my two hotmail addresses and he sends messages to both of them and when i reply i seem to have fulfilled the active account requirements.

i think also, they have reduced the size of the account. from 15G to 5G. they informed me of it a long time ago, so that is not a recent change…but since i am ruthless in deleting anything that is sent to me, i dont use up a lot of space and so it does not affect me.

oh, there is another change, they have removed the block button and replaced it with a spam button. in the past i have great satisfaction in blocking the junk messages everytime, and if you wish,  you can block the domain , so that all emails from that domain is blocked as well, but now with this spam button, i dont think i can do that anymore. perhaps it might be more efficient and not allow spam to get in  at all. gmail is very good at that, but hotmail is really hopeless at it. but maybe with this change, it might improve. 

oh another change that i did not like. they have removed the ‘delete all’ button. it is one that i use to delete everything in the junk. and it is great because it does not send  into the deleted section but disappears into the unknown. haha. and another thing, in the past, when my inbox is empty it says’you’re finished’, now it is more polite, and say ‘you’ve fully caught up’.

2 Responses to “hotmail changes”

  1. juliehcares Sunday July 1, 2018 at 1:19 pm #

    Oh the joys of growing older and having to deal with changes!

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday July 1, 2018 at 2:49 pm #

    interestingly, these changes are easy to cope. i thought i would get worst dealing with changes as i grow older, but it seems not to be so.i seem to be getting better at solving IT changes now. maybe this old dog can still learn new tricks after all.

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