2 Jul

london 10.03am 24C sunny monday 2018 . in my gp clinic waiting for my prescription to be filled.

well, nobody can say this summer we did not have one. haha. it is well and truly settled in and so early in the year too. one would expect it to come in august, not so early like now. still there is a good chance that it will all go by august. i think by that time, we will all be glad to see the last of it, and be more than ready for the cool of autumn.

so far for me anyway, it is very pleasant. the hayfever is quite mild for me. and the heat is not too uncomfortable in my flat, and elsewhere, there are lots of airconditioned spaces, like in the buses, and in the supermarkets, and shopping centres and in the libraries,  so that if i wish, i could be spending time in there and be very comfortable. 

2.45pm inside the virgin lounge it is pleasingly cool in here.



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