7 Jul

london 2.45pm 30C sunny saturday 2018

got a free icecream from this business which has just set up shop in harvey nichols 5th floor food court. seeing the poor girl creating it, i thought that is a lot of hard work for her. she sure have to work hard for her wages, unlike the usual icecream parlor , where the server have to just scoop it up. it looks pretty but actually when u eat it , it is like any icecream… so all that preparation does not really impart anything special to the icecream.  it costs £5.50 normally. i saw this same method of creating the icecream in the shepherd bush westbury shopping complex when i went there the other day. i did wonder what it tasted of, and today i get a chance to taste it. yesterday i went to iceland and bought 6 icecream cones for £1. it tastes just as good as those specially made ones. in fact, i like the taste of the cone wafers.

today is also pride parade day. but i avoided it. i dont like a lot of crowds nowadays. i caught the beginning, when the crowd was gathering at portland place. it was near the marylebone library where i was earlier. all that whistle blowing is quite irritating to me. so i was glad to be heading away from them on my way to catch the tube at baker st.

in the past i used to go to soho to enjoying the gay crowds that congregate there after the march. i am not sure i will bother this year. hmm, ever wondered why there are so few old people in pride march? i think i found out the answer now that i am of that age. haha. it is not the same feeling that we get when we were young and marching. we have changed. 

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