chicken goujons

9 Jul

london 10.59am 26C sunny monday 2018

yesterday i microwaved some chicken goujones that i bought at reduced price, 540mg £3.75 to 75p. i was trying to finish them as i did not like them. whilst they were microwaving, simon asked about them, and i said they are not a good buy, even though i got them cheap. i said they dont even look like they are made of chicken breasts, but look like they are made from recovered meat.  he suggested that maybe i should fry them rather than microwave them.

well i was eating the microwaved pieces and did wonder if i was mistaken about them being made of reconstituted chicken meat, because these ones does look like they have chicken breast like meat… anyway, simon had been frying the rest of it, and gave me a piece to taste, and i have to admit it tastes much more like it…the breaded bits are more crunchy after they have been fried. so it looks like i have been doing them wrong and thus have done them an injustice. haha. ah well, perhaps i will buy them when i see any more of them being reduced. they are very easy to eat… though at full price i think they are overpriced. i can see their attraction, because making oven baked chicken is too tiresome now… with this hot weather no one really want to have the kitchen made hotter with an oven on. 

added.9.7.18. having said that i admit i am an exception because yesterday i oven cooked some raw chicken drumsticks and thighs that i bought at that same time as the goujones. they have to be cooked soon or they will go bad as they were reduced priced and my freezer is too full to freeze them.

added 4.13pm 29C, it is sunny but there is a dark storm cloud overhead. rain is predicted at 6pm. i hope so, it will freshen the air and that would be very welcomed. 

added. 8.32pm. rain did not come at 6pm and it is now forecast to rain at 10pm. 

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