mamma mia 2

13 Jul

london 1.41pm 24.7C sunny friday 2018

4.52pm 25.7C sunny

7.42pm 22.4C rain, at last.

thank goodness we got rain finally. it has been warm all day, cooled off a bit now that the rain is here. wow just now there was a flash of lightning and a huge bang from the thunder. now that is unusual. we have been having high temperatures and you would expect lots of thunderstorms and rain, as happens in malaysia… but none of that happened in london. this one seems more like the normal outcome of high temperatures… thunder, lightning and hopefully fierce rain. if we were in the tropics, i would expect to see those. so far the rain is gentle.

i was out a number of times earlier today… i happened to be in the victoria station area twice today. one time they were doing a ‘mamma mia- here we go again’, promotion. they set up two stages in the station concourse and asking people to sit and get their photos taken like as if they were on holiday in greece. i got a free cloth bag from one of the guys giving it out fortunately without having to take part  in the photo shoot. 

Digital StillCamera

the film soundtrack have its premier comes out today in fact. the film have its premier next friday on 20july.  i cannot imagine how they can find more abba songs to make up a whole new movie, but obviously they are able to find more songs. or recycle old ones.  it is a prequel, about her life before the greek episode, and a story line that enables them to  bring in new and younger actors to play the meryl character and her lovers. a chance to get  young actors in the film and inject some new young bodies for us to look at instead of the old actors. well i shall watch it when it comes out on tv. haha. in the promo photos of the cast that they hang out in the victoria concourse i noticed there is no julie walters. i wonder what happened to her. and no cher either…

cher looks too glamourous to be meryl’s mother. haha. everyone of the original cast look older and showing their age, but not cher…and she is older than all of them by far. added. i googled meryl streep and found out she is 69yrs old. that is surprising. cher is 72yrs old… hmm so not that older after all. added. 15.7.18 i googled lily james, who is acting the younger version of donna, the meryl streep character, and found out she is not much younger , 29yrs as opposed to 32yrs for amanda. she does look a lot like amanda.

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