16 Jul

london 2.29pm 31.2C highest so far. sunny monday 2018

i am surprised to see the temperature is so high. i had just come back but though warm it did not feel that hot outside. but then most of the time i was in buses which even though it is not cold , the airconditioning at least struggling to keep it cool so it was bearable inside.

all this heat reminds me of s.e.asia. thailand especially. i got an email from someone in a gaywebsite asking if i accommodate. it was an old website, since revamped with the accommodation section removed, that is why i was surprised to hear from him. he is writing from pattaya.. later after my reply, he told me he actually lives in rio de janeiro, is british, comes to uk once a year, and is currantly on holiday in pattaya. he said he will be in paris in september and thought of taking in  london. i had thought he was an expat in pattaya when i got his message. just goes to show not to assume anything. he is 57yrs old.

we have brits living abroad, and we have foreigners all clamouring to come to uk, its a topsy turvy world, with people not living where they are born, restless all of them and always thinking the grass is greener elsewhere. i am one of them, really.  circumstances have cast me on these shores, and on the whole i am happy to be living here.

whilst my friend, who is holidaying in uk now, has made his life in chiang mai, and seems happy to be there. he has i went on saturday for his 75th birthday , hosted by his sister in her house where they are staying whilst here. it is in west london, way out , near west drayton. which is the limit of my freedom pass. i have not been that way before. it is quite flat country, and built up. not a lot of green parks. it was very hot, and even though they have a back garden, it looked too hot to be sitting out there in the sun. there was no shady trees, so i stayed inside. there was a transparent roofed conservatory at the back of the house, which is south facing, which might be really pleasant in winter, but that day it was too hot to be sitting there. 

coming back the train stopped at southall, which i have heard a lot of , and even wanted to visit just to see if i can see the indian life there. i have heard it is like india, and i had visions of it being like little india in singapore, full of indian businesses… but i googled it and had a look at the google images of the streets, and none of it is very indian… i mean  it looked like a british high st, not that many indian shops. i was thinking of a place like brick lane, in london, where every shop there is indian. (that is in the past, now i think other shops have made inroads and many of the indian businesses have gone.)

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