minute steaks

16 Jul

london 8.52pm 25.8C sunny monday 2018

iceland , the retail store, had been promoting stir fried steak at half price, £2 for 500mg. i thought it was quite a good bargain, @£4/kg. so i went there on the first day and bought the last two packs on the shelf. they are thin cut steaks. they called them stir fried steaks. no mention of which part of the cow it comes from… and just now this tv program, called food unwrapped on channel 4, told us where it comes from. it is from a roast. it seems few people are having sunday roast now, so they sell it off as thin strips of steak. the sunday roasts are usually taken from silverside, or topside. so they cut them up small strips and sell it off as these thin cut steaks, calling it minute steaks etc.

hmm, i remember long ago i used to use braising steak as a stir fried steak. i just cut them into thin strips and use them when i stir fry veggies. the important thing is throw them in at the last minute, so that they dont cook for long. any longer and it gets really tough.  so it looks like the british have finally caught on to that trick. haha.

i have sinced cooked one of the packs, and it is just like eating steak. you get all the taste of the meat at a fraction of the cost. you really have to cook them for 1minute. very important or they get real tough. 

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