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18 Jul

london 6.21pm 24C sunny. wednesday 2018

i usually go early to the circuit training class so that i can go to the chelsea library near there. i see they have put out on display lots of travel guides to places all over the world. but i read in the papers today that the tour operators are reducing their prices because this good weather we are having is making people decide to stay in uk for their holidays. i read also that this friday is going to be a huge jam on the roads, the start of the school holidays it seems. it is their summer holiday and the kids will be about 6 or 7 weeks off school. such a long time to be away from school. its a tradition here. they have very long summer holidays.

i think it is a bygone influence by boarding schools, which close for the summer. personally i dont think it is a good thing. the kids would have forgotten a lot of stuff by the time they go back and the teacher will have to go through it again to remind them. i think it might explain why british kids lag behind kids from countries like singapore. but this year it seems there is no rush to holiday abroad, causing the tour companies to reduce their prices for last minute holidays.

i have just tasted the new instant coffee jar that i bought from tesco. it tastes funny, like it is burnt. normally i just drink it and think nothing of it, but this time the taste was so different even i noticed. i am tempted to bring it back and claim my money back and buy a asda coffee instead. it was that awful… i have lost the receipt too, so i wonder if they will let me return it and give me a refund.

added. 8.20pm . i took it back and said the coffee taste burnt, and i want to return it… she said she cannot give me cash back, but i can buy other things and she can deduct 79p from it, which is the price of the instant coffee. that is good, at first i thought she asked me to get a replacement bottle of instant coffee and i said i dont want that. i was thinking the whole batch might be bad.

earlier , because the refund desk was not manned, i had a look around, and i saw a reduced priced minced beef on the reduced section, reduced from £3.30 to 82p. final reduction is usually 4times, so this one is reduced to the maximum.  so i got it and gave it to her, and  paid the 3p difference. it is rather good of her to let me return the instant coffee without any questions asked, seeing i dont have the receipt. 

its only now when i got a good look at the pack that i noticed it expires tomorrow, 19july, so they dont need to reduce it to so much today…

and simon cooked this sausage and mash dinner when i got back from the tesco, and so i can have my dinner so quick. now i wont have any instant coffee to drink until i can go to the asda and buy their brand and hope it too is not burnt. i wonder if they will all have to change the formula of their cheap instant coffee own brand and use cheaper or fewer coffee beans or add other things to it. if all of them do it, i am afraid it means either i am forced to buy more expensive brands, or simply not drink any coffee… i am hoping asda, or morrisons keep their basic instant coffee the same as before. 

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