tooting broadway market

19 Jul

london 3.34pm 26.3C sunny thursday 2018

i am drinking aldi instant coffee now. it is ok, thank goodness too, because they only sell 200mg jars. £1.49. the others sell 100mg 79p. i was thinking it would be rather too much if i have to return it if i dont like it.

i decanted half of it into the old tesco jars , so that the rest can be kept sealed and maybe keep a lot longer. i am glad there is an alternative to tesco. i wonder why that last one tasted so bad. is it a dud or have they really changed the ingredients?

anyway i shall never know because i will not buy it again, now that i see aldi and lidl have their own version, i shall stick to them.  i have not tasted the lidl version… i guess they are about the same really. the reason why i bought aldi instead of asda, as i have planned…is because i went to tooting broadway, where athenian, a fast food cafe is opening a branch in the tooting market there and giving away a free souvlaki. i got their lamb minced which is wrapped round a grilling rod and they serve it inside a wrap with chips. usually costs about £5 or so. and aldi happen to have a branch there. this is only one of two aldi branches in south london, at least any that is near me. it is a rival to lidl, i hear the owners are brothers who have fallen out and one left and started lidl. lidl got a lot more branches than aldi, in london anyway. and here in tooting broadway, they managed to build the two supermarkets facing each other.

the tooting broadway covered market is a long established market but is undergoing changes. it used to be a fresh food market, selling veg, butcher’s meat, fishmongers,hardware stores and indian groceries. i remember it used to be a great place to buy indian stuff. but now it has become like  a street food market selling fast food. but no indian food stalls strangely enough. there is still a fishmonger there . and there is a barber there still charging £7 for a haircut, £6 for pensioners. its not a tourist place that is for sure. but all the indian groceries and vegetable stores have gone. 

its a pity the wet market is gone… but it cannot compete with two budget supermarkets like lidl and aldi right by the doorstep. 

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