20 Jul

london 11.25am 25C cloudy friday 2018

a random shelf in the library travel section.

everywhere u can see signs of travel, urgeing you  to go wandering, seeing new places, it makes people feel they should be out there doing all those things, so that anyone who likes to stay put is made to feel they are missing out. it does not surprise me if the number one desire nowadays when u ask people what they want to do, is to travel and see the world. 

6.43pm 20C cloudy .

I have been to the age uk canteen to meet with ian. we usually meet once a month. he had just got back from a holiday in croatia. on the bus there i noticed the roads are uncrowded and no traffic jams; and i realised today is the beginning of the long summer holidays. why it should bring fewer traffic in london is a mystery. surely there are not that many who have school kids doing the school run, and are now all on holiday and left london. and it seems not only traffic is less, but places are less crowded too… restaurants, etc seem to have lots of tables free. i dont personally know of it, as i dont eat in restaurants or go to places of entertainment, but i read in the newspapers articles from writers of the social pages saying so.

its a cloudy day but it was warm so we decided to go to tavistock square nearby rather than stay indoors. and sat on one of the benches there and talked whilst being entertained by two squirrels, cavorting about under the base of a maple tree, under a sign that says  it had been planted on a year of peace in 1986. the squirrels are grey, but have tinges of red breast on their bellies. ian has a theory that grey squirrels gradually evolve into red squirrels over time as they adapt to the local colours. sounds like a nice idea. certainly these ones we see are a mix of grey and red fur and are full of life.


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