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22 Jul

london virgin lounge haymarket 12.39pm 26.2C cloudy sunday 2018

i have just seen the movie, hotel transylvania 3 nearby. its a U certificate , so it is for all ages. and there were a lot of kids there. but it did make me wonder why they asked that i bring ID. in the end no one checked whether i got a ticket even , nevermind ID. they asked ID in the form of a credit card… so maybe that is just to ensure the adults have money to buy popcorn and drinks for the show.

i was early, it was before 10am when the doors are supposed to open. even so, the cinema had people allready inside. i noticed they had bought drinks (the family next to me even bought a huge hotdog sandwich) and huge boxes of popcorn.

the film was ok . the story is very lightweight. i am not a kid so am not the target audience. the animation shows the expressions and the emotions very well. they are digitally done, i think, as they dont look handdrawn. whatever the technic, it is very well done. i have heard that fur, water, hair are difficult to draw and depict, but here they were all done very realistically. what i noticed by its absence is the very small role played by the little kid, his grandson.  he was not featured much and never showed his vampiric powers, unlike what i heard about the 2nd film when he had more of a part to play.

its a pleasant enough film.

i have wondered if they would show the 2nd film on tv because they often do so when a new sequel comes up. and i had a look at today’s tv guide, and see hotel translyvania 2 is showing today at about 4pm.

added 9.10pm. i got a chance to see the hotel transylvania2, and it makes me appreciate the HT3 better. the HT2 and even the first one are quite dark, not only in theme, but also in appearance. the atmosphere is night, and the colours are subdued, mostly greys and blacks. and it really brought to my attention how bright and colourful this 3 version is. and i find i feel quite happy at the end of it, rather than the other previous versions. maybe because this latest version is set mainly in the day… quite an anomaly because vampires dont like the sun … and the plot of the previous two are very serious and caters to an adult sensibility, with adult injokes, whilst this latest one is very much aim at children, with quite a frivolous ending ,almost child like solution, really. the ending dont seem to matter really, just that it leaves you with a feel good feeling at the end. i think if u can suspend your adult logical thinking and just see it as a child , to get a feel -good feel about it, you will like this movie.


2 Responses to “free film preview contd”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday July 22, 2018 at 2:08 pm #

    I hope you get to watch episode 2 at 4pm your time. UK sounds like us here as they would reprise episodes 1 & 2 when the 3rd sequel is playing. Hmm episode does not sound as fun as episode 2. Guess I will wait for it to be shown on tv. How much is a popcorn set with drinks at your end?

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday July 22, 2018 at 3:35 pm #

    i did not notice the prices in that cinema unfortunately. my bad… its a vue cinema. the prices are not prominently displayed that is why i did not notice them. i dont even know how much a ticket cost.
    googling it i got this
    Vue Cinema Prices
    Children (2-12 years) £7.79 – £8.79
    Teen (13-18) £8.29 – £9.29
    Student (with valid ID) £8.79 – £9.99
    Adult (19+) £9.99 – £11.49
    i guess food and drinks will cost as much.
    Small Popcorn £4.85
    Medium Popcorn £5.15
    Large Popcorn £5.85
    Large Sweet Popcorn £5.85
    Small Soft Drink £3.85
    Medium Soft Drink £4.15
    Large Soft Drink £4.85

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