cinema and supermarkets will be cool at least

26 Jul

london 11.26pm 26.6C dry (highest today36.9C 3.54pm) thursday 2018

we shall see if this is the official highest temperature of the day.

i was in my flat so escaped the worst of it. with the curtains drawn, it can be quite cool in the flat. perhaps if i had been outside i would have felt it was like an oven. i went out at about 7.30pm when it had cooled down a bit. went to the tesco and found a yogurt selling for £1 for 1kg. it is a brand i have not heard of , henna, and it is a set yogurt. it is quite nice, and a nice change from the sloshy yogurts. nice to know there is a £1 1kg yogurt to buy when i feel like having a probiotic topup. the previous promotion, of that brand lancashire farm that i had been buying is now over and have reverted to the usual price of £1.40. 

i have been seeing this mission impossible film that is being shown on tv now… the 5th in the series. yesterday they showed the 4th. it does seem quite repetitive actually, car chases seem to take up quite a lot of these films to fill up the 3hrs which they run … i think it too long really.

all these mission impossible films we are being shown  now on tv are an advert for the latest film, that is released on 25july. they are supposed to whet your appetite for more of these, but i think it made me feel overfull, and satiated with the formula.

perhaps the heat outside will encourage more people to go to the cinema, for the cold air if nothing else. we might see a spike in cinema attendance. though it does encourage me to go into the supermarkets whenever i see one near me, just to cool off. 

added 27.7.18 friday 11.21am 29.7C sunny. looks like the official highest temperature yesterday was 35.1C

One Response to “cinema and supermarkets will be cool at least”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday July 27, 2018 at 3:40 pm #

    Stay cool with iced teas😃

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