drinking straw

28 Jul

london 7.15pm 20.2C sunny saturday 2018

this year the prudential bike ride has not disrupted traffic as much as previous years. the buses were still running quite late into the day. last year they closed the streets quite early long before the cyclists arrive. this year i think they learnt the lesson. i was able to go to the library and get back by bus even as late as 12pm . it was still running that late.

then at about 2pm, i decided to go to white city, where a restaurant was doing a promotion. i thought they were giving away free food, but it was not so. and it was a sweet dessert, filled with nutella, or honey, neither of which i like. however it was near westfield shopping centre in shepherds bush. so i was able to wander inside, and starbucks there was giving away free chocolate drinks, and i got to get it twice. once at one end of the centre, the other at the other end, near the shepherd bush entrance. which was very welcomed as it was a cold drink. it has a very nice drinking straw, with a retractable bit. i liked it so much that i kept it, but i dont know what to use it for. 

nowadays with all this fuss about drinking straws and how it is polluting the planet, i am surprised that they are using it, and such an elaborate design too… that it seems like it must be reusable. 

its quite enjoyable to wander about in the shopping centre. lots of kids , as they were having a kiddies fair in the main concourse… and i remembered it is the school holidays now, so that is why they are having these kiddies attractions and activities. 

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