29 Jul

london 1.52pm 19C drizzling sunday 2018

been raining all morning, which is lovely. cools things off.

today the professionals are racing, that is why they close off the roads so early. no buses are running where i live. the 88, C10 shut down where i live.

yesterday it was the general public are supposed to get onto their bikes and ride on traffic free roads. i think not many public doing it, haha. that is why the let the buses run yesterday.

and today i dont see anyone lining the roads to look at the cyclists , so unlike the french and their tour de france.

interestingly, the tour de france will be won by a welsh man, part of the sky team , and british cyclists are also taking 2nd and third place. it is quite something surely, the british being so successful, yet there is no song and dance here in uk about it. i wonder why??? with football there is all that outpouring of patriotic support, but not the tour de france….the winner gets £600,000. i suppose the guys are doing it for personal glory and not for country, that might explain why the country is not interested in them. but tennis in wimbledon is also for personal glory, yet the country is interested as if those guys are battling it out for country. is cycling not sexy enough? with all this equality thingy, how come there is no women’s cycling team running in the tour de france?

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