i notice i dont go looking for adventure nowadays

30 Jul

london 8.35pm 21C sunny monday 2018

i  found reduced pork liver in the tesco, in my foraging for bargain foods recently. 24p for 500mg, (usually 96p). its been some time since i saw liver reduced, so it was very nice to be able to eat it and reacquaint myself with its taste. its important not to over cook it. i put it in a soup noodle. there is still another portion to eat, as well as half of it i put in the freezer for another day. eating soup noodle can be very hot , not something i do if the weather is really hot as lately. but it has cooled down a bit, and it was the most convenient way , and quickest way to prepare a meal so i decided to cook noodle soup.

but later tonight i might just do a cabbage/celery/carrot/spring onions dish with pork and liver. and eat it with steamed rice. i have those veggies lying about, that is why they go into the dish. its a nice way of using up veggies.  i find these veggies keep a long time so it is ok to buy lots of them at one go. no danger of them going bad and having to throw them away. all those people who are single and say they just cannot find any single portions to buy and lamenting that they cannot finish them before they go bad are not doing it right. 

but life for me is very nice these days. pleasant weather, and lots of fresh food and fruits to buy and eat and at good prices. and my friends  are in good health. that is good.

this tv program i am seeing now,about the bermuda triangle, the presenter asked a sailor with all these storms it is dangerous to go sailing around here, so why do you go sailing. he said,you go out sailing for the adventure.

and i was thinking nowadays i dont go looking for adventure … maybe that is why i dont go sailing. haha. in fact i noticed in my day to day living now i dont go looking for adventure. by that i mean experienceing dangerous things. you could have an adventure where it is all full of nice things happening… but it must be rare those adventures. 


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