90s nostalgia with renault clio

3 Aug

london 6.51pm 31C (highest 34.6C 5.19pm) friday 2018

Digital StillCamera

was in a showroom with 90s theme organised by renault clio. to advertise the car i think. they have the old model, which featured in the advert in the 90s about a father and daughter, and the latest model. and there was food from the 90s, and drinks, and snacks and lots of stuff that recalls the 90s.

i was so full of food, it just kept coming and they were really generous with it… but i did not think i ate that much. my stomach is getting smaller i think as i age, so that i cannot eat a lot now without feeling very full. i think also drinking lots  of drinks can fill you up too. and all those snacks, and icecream. i ate quite a lot of the prawns haha. my favourite. though the skewered chicken pieces in a yakitori are nice too. its all free too. they give 2.5hr slots, that u can chose. so i chose the 4pm-6.30pm slot. it was the only daytime slots. the others were at night.over the coming weekend; and i met steve and his friend when i was walking there. i saw they were going in the opposite direction and stopped them to ask if they are going to this event too if so they are heading in the wrong way… but it seems they are going to the event, but his partner was so hot she just wanted to rest a while at the bus shelter.

i dont remember much of the 90s as far as things or style or events are concerned. i was looking at the 90s things that they put up in the showroom, and the music that the DJ played, but i dont recall them at all. perhaps if he had played hi energy, i might remember… was hi energy music played in the discos during the 90s?  i think so… but my memory is so hazy. i think disco dancing and night clubbing was the main memory i have of the 90s… 

what is also memorable for me with the 90s was the cheap ease of travel. my friends and i travelled to europe a lot during that time. visiting the naturist places in france and spain. those were lovely times. we can get £35 all- in return flights to alicante then. and the £ exchange rate with the euro was so good too. added. 4.8.18 is a article about it.

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