finding money, finding dory…

5 Aug

london 2.02pm 28C sunny sunday 2018

i found a £5 note today. it is so rare nowadays for me to find cash on the pavement, that it deserves to be mentioned.

i remember someone said the plastic notes fall out easily, and they find more cash now that it is plastic than in the past when the notes were made of paper.

oh i forgot i actually had  found a £5 plastic note in the past, but my friend saw it first and then i did and it was me who picked it up.  but i dont think it counted as me finding it. also  i gave the note to him. he had just treated me to lunch in a chinatown restaurant, so i thought the least i could do is to give it to him to offset his costs. he is one of those guys who seem to find money lying about.

this time, it was all my own luck  finding it. it was lying in the middle of the pavement, near the bus stop and no one was near it. it is lovely to find money lying around, dont you think? funnily enough i walked over that place only just recently on my way to the library, but i was too early and it was not opened, so i decided not to wait for it to open but to retrace my steps and go to the waitrose instead. and that was when i saw it on the ground. i guess you would have thought i would buy something from waitrose, as it is free money. but i was looking and did not find anything that i like to buy. i was looking out for a croissant which they normally have on display but there was none . perhaps i was too early and the bakers have not baked the first batch for that day… remember, the library opens at 11am, and the waitrose was supposed to open at that time too. but they usually open the doors earlier to let people browse before the tills open at 11am. i would have thought the bakers would start earlier to make sure the bread is ready but maybe it was sunday and no one wants to work earlier than they should. haha. anyway when i got out of the library, after reading the papers, i forgot about the croissant, and took the bus to leicester square… as i wanted to see the open air screening of ‘finding dory’. they are screening free films in the square, on saturday,(yesterday) and today. before i got to leicester square, i passed by the japan centre, and went in, and they were giving away free gyozo dumplings… 3 different fillings, and they dont mind me going back for another one… haha. the first one i got was a pork dumpling, the second time was a chicken one. they had vegetable dumpling too, but i felt too shy to go back again, though i am sure they dont mind… i saw they were selling those dumplings for £2.40 for 3… quite expensive i think… they are not like chinese buns, which can be quite big and filled with lots of meat; these are just one mouthful really. but anyway it was a nice little diversion. they sell ramen too but i dont really know how it works, as there was no menu with a list of what types of ramen on offer. i see people eating food there, but i dont know how they order. they seem to expect people to know how to order, and maybe it is just me, who is at a loss to what the system is there. 

but anyway , off i went to leicester square at last, and at first i did not see any screen, and asked the security man at the entrance whether there is a film screening on and he pointed to a small screen beside the fountain. well i did wonder how they are going to fit a big screen there, what with the fountain and the shakespeare statue occupying so much of the centre… and it was a small screen set apart by the side… i found a park bench that was out of the sun and quite a distance from the screen, but it was easy to see the action on the screen. i have not seen finding dory, but i have seen finding nemo… the first film to which this one is a follow up. perhaps it was the setting, too much distraction, or maybe i came after it had started, but whatever, i just did not feel like seeing more of it… and so after a bit i left. i know now that i dont really like seeing open air screenings. i rely on the subtitles these days, and these kinds of screenings dont have subtitles and the sound is not as easy to hear for me because of my deafness. ah well, i shall let it come on tv to see it . 

added 10.23pm. actually now i got to think about it,  i think u can see the finding dory film without hearing it… it is a visual film and given a less distracting environment than a busy square with tourists wandering around i would enjoy seeing it.

i have been seeing the star wars film number 3 , showing on tv. and it is quite a revelatory film as it shows how anakin became darth vader. it is a dark film, in that it showed him going to the dark side.

this series on itv2  is showing the films in their proper sequence…from the prequel to the first film and beyond. so it does have spoilers in it. like at the end it showed the twins being born and they were called leia and luke… so giving the game away that princess leia and luke skywalker are twin siblings. if u have just seen the first star wars film, you would not have known. personally i think it nicer not to know this, which is why i think the first star wars film, its story i mean,  is so powerful. it will be shown next week as star war 4. 

One Response to “finding money, finding dory…”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday August 6, 2018 at 3:26 pm #

    Lucky you £5!!

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