9 Aug

london 9.34pm 20.3C dry. much cooler today. high of 25C. wednesday 2018

london 2.20pm 15C rain thursday 2018

thank goodness for the rain. it is raining practically all day so far and that is good. its a light rain. even though our phone line has gone down. we only noticed it because our broadband went down. at first we thought it was our router, but then the phone did not work when i tried to call up talktalk to tell them about it. simon went next door and asked them and they told him they called the BT engineer and he said it is a substation went down, ( i think because of the thunderstorm in the south east area, even though in london , at least where i am, we got no thunderstorm) and it seems it will be down till 20august. today is the 9th. dont know why a thunderstorm can wreck so much damage …nor why it should take so long to fix it.  just goes to show for all our vaunted technological progress, we are still knocked down by a simple thunderstorm. nature sure is a bitch. i am in the kfc in victoria using their wifi. hmm, i notice kfc serves pepsi. our tv still works, because we are on an aerial… so that is good. hooray for old tech. 


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