free food, no wifi.

10 Aug

london 10.56am 19C rain friday 2018

first day i am experiencing life without home broadband. its a pity there isn’t a public wifi i can use at home, because there is no starbucks or cafe nero, nearby . the nearest wifi i can get is from the tate britain. now i am in  a public library to get online. 

yesterday, i went to a free food given by pilau, in goodge st. they are giving away a thalli of butter chicken, or paneer(some kind of cheese). only two choices because that was all that was in the menu. steve and his friend were there too and they tell me it is to advertise their evening opening. but there are only two choices in the menu. there was also free beer, in bottles.

i met quite a lot of the others who i see regularly go to these free food offers. a chinese lady who brought along her english partner and her elderly mother and father. she is a banker but she said she had taken voluntery redundancy and got a years salary. so she is taking that year off to travel. bringing along her parents with her. she said she is enjoying it and not feeling sick of it . i think because she is taking it in doses. coming back to london in between. rather than buying a one way round the world ticket and travelling all the time. she is from china. 

as for the food, i find they are generous with the chicken portions, but being buttered chickens, they are not spicy. later i saw a chinese lady eating, and she had asked them for  chilli paste. i think i expect it to be spicy because it is served in a thali dish. i was expecting a curry sauce too,actually, but they only gave us chutney. there were not many people taking up this offer. they are only giving away 50 meals, but there was no queue. it costs £8 for the chicken thali, £7 for the paneer thali. i found the beer quite strong, and gave it away to the lady who sat next to me and who i got chatting to. from what i see, most chose the meat option. i think the restaurant has a charity connection. the sign says they provide free meals and mentioned how many they provide but there was no mention of who they gave the free meals to.



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