my landline is still out of service

10 Aug


i was telling steve, the guy who goes to all those free food offers, about my landline not working, and that i found out it is due to a substation fault that is run by BT. he said to call talk talk my provider anyway, just to let them know and hope that they might chase BT to hasten the repair… so today i contacted talktalk on their online chat… to find out that i need to contact them when i am at home… so when i got back from the library where i could use the wifi there to contact them online, i called them on my mobile, which fortunately is still on the free calls, and they did the check, but i was left on hold for so long waiting for them to finish the check and tell me if i need an engineer to make a housecall, that it came close to the  1hr free call i am allowed to make and so i closed the call. i can call them back, i have 200mins of free calls a month, but i am a bit bored by it all, and so i shall just wait for another day to face them… the last person of their helpline that i got had quite a difficult accent, so that i can hardly understand her. or maybe i am just getting deaf. 

i doubt they can do anything anyway. but i have told them now and hope that it will register that i have called and lets see if they can do something about it. i am writing all this offline, and will post it when i go down to the tate britain and use their wifi. earlier i was about to go to the tate britain when a storm came up, and make me decide to delay going there. 

now the storm is over, so i shall most probably go .

simon is the one most affected by not having a wifi… he watches a lot of catch up tv. we can still watch tv, but only when it is showing at the time we watch.

 2.51pm here i am at the tate 15C. they said raining till 5pm but it has stopped here. sun has come out too. 

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