phone saga

11 Aug

london 4.16pm 21C cloudy saturday 2018. in the cafe in tate britain.

this is the first time that i have been with talk talk, my internet and phone provider, (i cant remember how long i am with them, but it must be more than 10yrs)where the dial tone is completely gone and the landline is dead. and since our broadband runs down via the landline, that knocks out our broadband too. i called them and after quite a number of tests  they tell me they could not find anything wrong with the whole system, and thinks that the trouble is something inside our flat. and they tried to ask me to follow their instructions to find out the fault.

i handed the phone to simon to let him deal with it, because it involved unscrewing the phone box junction, where we slot in the telephone. but it seems the engineer told simon that inside the box there is another connection … when simon said he dont see any connection, the engineer ask him to look closely. well simon lost his temper and asked them to send an engineer … and ask them to call back when they get one. later they called back and i answered and they were very conciliatory, they will divert my calls to my mobile phone so i can get calls to the landline as it is out of order, they will make an engineer appointment for 14 aug, and compensate me by refunding the days i dont have service between now and 14th, £3.28. 

it looks like BT is not saying their substation has been hit and is out of order.

the engineer they are going to send is a BT engineer… hmm, i hope that guy is not going to find something just to get BT off the hook. after all, if it is BT’s fault talk talk will be billing them thousands for lost service as well as bad feelings from all their customers. the thing is if the engineer finds fault with our equipment, talk talk can charge us £65 for the call out charge…

or maybe it just need a final adjustment  by a BT engineer before the equipment will start after it has been knocked out by the storm. talk talk even said their manager will call me on the 15th to find out what the result is and if i get back my landline working after the BT engineer has come.

i met my neighbour yesterday and i should have asked him if his phone is working again. just to confirm it is a general problem and not one specific to my flat. i forgot to ask him. but anyway, we will just have to wait till 14aug for the engineer to do his work and hopefully correct it. 

well, all this is a minor problem really. it wont kill us not to have broadband for a bit. 

2 Responses to “phone saga”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday August 12, 2018 at 1:52 pm #

    I hope it gets fixed as it is hard to be without broadband.

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday August 12, 2018 at 4:01 pm #

    its not too bad really. more inconvenient than anything. maybe i can tolerate it because i can get to use public wifi in quite a lot of places near me.

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