i have to throw away my reebok shoes

13 Aug

london 12.43pm 21C cloudy monday 2018 tate britain cafe

my reebok shoes which i have for such a long time have finally needed to be thrown away. the sole is still good, but the the hard plastic that shaped the heel area finally got exposed and was digging into the back of my foot so much so that it broke the skin there and cause bleeding. i am using the other pair that i found at the same time and hopefully it will last another 5 yrs … i got used to wearing reeboks so that i am glad i dont have to think about buying a new pair just yet. it is good to keep these old trainers in use for so long.

right now i got a tray of chicken pieces baking in the oven, at home.

i have switched the oven off now, but let the pieces continue to cook inside it whilst i go out to this cafe to get online. 

virgin lounge 3.05pm

its lovely to just be able to take a bus and go anywhere in london, though i find i tend to just go to soho and central london rather than to the outlying suburbs.

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