providing urinals

16 Aug

london 10.05am 18C rain thursday 2018

it is predicted to rain today and sure enough it is raining now, although very light at the moment.

the rain reminded me that it will wash the urine away if any men were to piss outside. the thought was prompted by me reading this article about paris setting up plant containers as urinals, it contains straw which can then be composted with its urine content to use as fertiliser. i thought it is a good idea. but they painted the containers in bright red, as well as other more subdued colours, but the bright red attracted too much attention. they should not paint it in red and also put them in side alleys and out of the way places… though if people cannot find them, it might defeat the purpose. 

it seems parisien males think nothing of pissing in public. in the past i used to admire paris for providing pissoirs but i think they removed them and now the men have nowhere to go.

what do london men do? i think  men piss in alleyways, and doorways too… though maybe the latter is not so common now. but it is not very noticeable, because most try to do it in an out of the way spot. and there are lots of plant containers around to piss into and all at waist height too. not to mention we have lots of parks and garden squares, where it is easy to piss through the fences.

the rain will wash it all away. another reason for liking london, where it rains often. though this summer is proving to be a memorable exception. 

added. 10.54am raining very heavily now, so that is lovely. cleans everything .

4 Responses to “providing urinals”

  1. MELewis Thursday August 16, 2018 at 11:43 am #

    I also read that some found the ‘uritrottoirs’ sexist as discriminatory for women. I suppose it is only fair if you are going to provide such facilities to do it for both sexes. Yet how to ensure privacy without building a whole enclosure? I think more public toilets are needed for everyone, including the homeless. And unfortunately it is not just urine… 😭

    • alifesgayventure Thursday August 16, 2018 at 2:01 pm #

      i understand that women do not piss in the streets… unlike the men. so the pissoirs are to solve that problem of men pissing in the streets. women must have stronger bladder control. or maybe it is just so easy for us men to piss, that there is no incentive to hold it in. you mentioned it is not only urine, are u saying the parisien men do a number 2 on the streets too? or do u mean dog do-do. i understand that is a big problem too, dog owners dont seem to pick up after their dogs… one thing about london, dog owners here are very good about doing that, so we dont have dog do on our pavements.

      • MELewis Thursday August 16, 2018 at 2:06 pm #

        Ha, ha…some women do, if they’re drunk enough. But modesty makes it tougher. As for men relieving themselves on the streets: if we can control our bladders, surely they can too? It is surely not pleasant to walk down a street that smells like a toilet!

      • alifesgayventure Thursday August 16, 2018 at 2:10 pm #

        the rain washes it all away, at least here in london. only the alleys get to be smelly, and that is because the rain cannot get into them… but they do get washed, by the street cleaners.
        it must be terrible for women to have to hold it in, till they get home. how do those older women cope!!! maybe they have a bowl in their bags….?

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