electric goods can go kaput just like that. and then they get working again.

18 Aug

london 9.13pm 21C dry night saturday 2018

i thought my camera,( or rather it belongs to simon but i have been using it;) has kaput. it got stuck and wont take pictures. but today when all the power has been used up and i plugged it in and recharged it, it came to life and started working. these electronic things are like that. they would go off, and stop working. and after a bit , it starts working again. i hope it stays working. 

i noticed my toaster is gone and a new one was in its place. sigh, that is what happens when u share a living space with another. i asked simon about it, and he said the old toaster went kaput. he changed the fuse and it still did not work, so he bought a new one. it was all done in a very quick way… i never knew it was gone until today… and he had the time to not only get rid of it, without me knowing, but to buy and collect a new one… sounds like he dropped it and ruined it , or in cleaning it he damaged it… he had been cleaning the kitchen like a maniac, and the toaster as well. so i am  a bit suspicious about the story about the toaster. but ah well, if he ruined it, that is that… sometimes it is better not to over clean things, you can cause alot of damage.

i wonder if it just needs to wait and it will work again…sometimes water can get into the works and make it stop working, then once it dries out, it works again. but i cannot find it anywhere. i dont know where he threw it… usually we put it in the recycling bins, but it is no where to be seen. i was hoping to find it and see if it really is not working anymore… i like to keep a spare because electronic goods tend to go bad very quickly and without any warning. one minute they work, the next they dont, so it is good to have  a spare lying around. 

and then he told me he bought some net curtains for the kitchen window. in the past i have only curtains , but the rail broke and so we have no curtains. now he wants to hang net curtains… he is getting to be as fussy as a woman now. i wonder what got into him. it is a lot of bother really, but he wants it so i let him. so now we got these net curtains across the window. i was thinking the oil from my stir fry will be caught up in the curtains and they will look very messy after a bit. i guess we could wash them, but i suspect the washing machine will tear the curtains in no time. well, that means we get back to square one and get rid of the curtains. haha. so it might be i shall have no curtains again…

simon is quite handy with electrical stuff , so it is not always a bad thing. recently he told me the fuse kept tripping, and he found out that it is due to a faulty socket, in the kitchen. so he took it apart, and found the wires were loose, but he found he could not put it back again, so he bought a new socket, and it is working well now. so that is a useful thing he did. 

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