yogurt is one of life’s simple pleasures.

19 Aug

london 7.41pm sunday sunny 24C 2018

i found asda is selling the lancashire farm yogurt at £1 , when all the other supermarkets are selling it for its usual price of £1.40. so i bought it and am enjoying it. its a very simple pleasure but a huge one , one that is in complete contrast to how much it costs. things dont have to cost a lot for us to get a lot of pleasure out of it. but then, i know that anyway.

Digital StillCamera

its interesting that the image cannot be transferred to my blog via the SD card… i have to use the usb connection instead. its slower.

but i am pleased that the camera works well, even better than before. in the past it keeps telling me that the battery cover is opened, (when i can see it is closed) and it wont take the picture. now that seems to have been solved.


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