a rainy day

26 Aug

london 4pm 14C rain sunday 2018

the bus i was in, the 36, which goes to the paddington library, but is also the closest to the nottinghill carnival, was quite busy this morning when i took it at about 10.30am. i would guess about 60% of the people on board the bus are heading for the carnival. a family came on board consisting of two young girls, and their mother i presume. the girls were wearing very nice looking shoes, with sparkling sequins all over and big coloured glass jewels in the front. i thought, do they know it will rain today and that they will be ruined before the day is over? and sure enough when we reached our stop at the library, it was beginning to rain. 

i was earlier in the waitrose nearby, and saw the bean sprouts were reduced to 35p, from 50p 300mg, so i bought it and asked for a coffee too, which was free with my waitrose card. unfortunately they have implemented their policy of not giving out disposable cups, and i forgot to pack mine today, so i have to defer having a coffee. i wonder if i can use the receipt another day. i can get the coffee if i return later but i shall be moving about today…

when i was about to return from the library( both the newspapers there are taken by others so i did not read them) , the first bus to arrive was the 23, so since i cannot know which bus will be coming next due to the disruption in service because of the carnival, i decided to take it and go to the virgin lounge instead. and was able to get a coffee, as well as  read the observer newspaper (which is the guardian when it is sunday) when i was there.

also, whilst browsing the internet there, i found out that the C2 and the 88 have changes. they are going to scrap the C2 by extending the 88 to primrose hill, and thus take over the C2 route. so come early next year, the C2 will be no more.

transport for london tfl is really pruning its bus services , removing a lot of routes. they are trying to save money. hmm, so that means i can get to primrose hill, which is where the highgate ponds are , and where the men naked area is, from my doorstep by taking the 88 and going all the way. it might make me go there more often. though, even now it is quicker to take the tube to kentish town and then take the bus, any bus to primrose hill; and i still dont go. 

i can see how scrapping bus routes will mean there will be fewer need for bus drivers, and that means lower manpower expenses.

also they are going to extend the plastic bag charge to small businesses and raise the charge to 10p a bag. as for the recyclable coffee cups, word is they are going to charge 25p. all the more reason to bring our own cups, i guess. 

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