mundane things

27 Aug

london 18C dry bank holiday monday 2018

i just had a thought, just now. i was thinking if i were in malaysia now, i would be thinking of going out to eat, and deciding which of the many hawker centres that i can go and maybe even thinking of calling some buddies to see if they will join me. but here i am in london, and i was wondering what places will be open on this bank holiday monday and cannot think of any except the chain restaurants like kfc, or macdonalds, or pizza places like pizza hut, pizza express. but the choice will be limited . as for calling friends to join me, forget it. here if u dont make an appointment days in advance, no one seem able to just join you on the spur of the moment… you could say it is because most of us here will have plans allready made, unlike most malaysians who are not so organised, nor want their days planned so well, so they can allow for friends calling them up on the spur, or even they themselves doing it. that i notice is the difference between people in, and over here. perhaps life has changed for people in malaysia now, and that kind of impromptu calling up and meeting up is no more. but i dont think so, somehow i have a feeling that people are more people orientated in the east. we like the face to face meetup i think. or at least that is what i think i would do if i were ever to find myself living there.

its possible that people like to meet up because  the tv programs in malaysia are awful, so that is another reason not to stay at home. here, it is not so, the tv guide does throw up some interesting films or programs that i find i would stay in for.

also i think in malaysia, people are not so tied to a fixed tv schedule. they can watch films on demand, or buy dvds. in other words they can stop and view at a time of their choosing. here we can do it too if we subscribe. but spur of the moment phone calls to meet up are not encouraged here. at least in my experience.

one thing i suspect might affect meeting up in malaysia, is if it is rainy season, when it is too wet to be going to the late night hawker stalls and drinking teh tarik and gossip.

but i wonder if that is a vision that i have that dont exist anymore in malaysia, and people there are just like here… keeping isolated and surfing the internet for porn and finding sexual contacts to fill their leisure time. haha. 

added 9.33pm hmm, i am seeing a tv program on bbc2 by adrian chiles about his drinking. i dont drink, but i can see how most people here will be like him, socialising in the pub with friends and drinking heavily. or rather, drinking normally, because if he were not questioning it all, he would have considered he is normal and have no drinking problem. because the old idea of alcoholism, is some one waking up in the gutter and not knowing what happened. during the program they were drinking 7pints in the pub. each. how anyone can drink that much water is beyond me… the trouble is , even on his high drinking, his liver function is normal… only on scanning do they find his liver has fibrosis, and fat. so i can see why others watching this might say all those scientist saying only allowed 14units a week, may not be correct. and it seems different countries advocate different limits. which suggest no one knows really what is the optimum limit. (some of us might say no alcohol is the only limit to say to people. that alcohol has no health benefits at all.) but i can see the socialising is all centred round pubs, and if u stop drinking, your social life may die, just like that.

28.8.18 added here is a review of that program.

4 Responses to “mundane things”

  1. Sarah M Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 1:26 pm #

    You don’t think the unplanned nights out are to do with youth? When I was younger I often used to make last minute arrangements to meet, but these days I get in and I get ‘settled’, so if someone calls I really can’t be bothered to make the effort

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 1:52 pm #

      oh , is it a age thing? i am thinking back now to a younger me, and thinking hard about it, was i full of energy and not wanting to stay in, and so looking to meet with friends and doing things wiht them, and it is age that makes me not bother now? it might be true when i was younger, but now i am thinking here in uk there are lots of things that I can do on my own, and online stuff is just full of stuff, and films and tv beckons, and books to read… I dont really need much input from other people to have a enjoyable time. but when i consider life in malaysia, there is nothing to do , online is terrible, tv is worse, hardly any films easily available, govt censorship can mangle a western made film, if you can get it at all, and books are expensive and new books take ages to come to the country or have to be specially ordered. so one really welcome a call from a friend to go out and eat something in a hawker centre, or just get a teh tarik and chitchat. in malaysia i remember i really yearn for human contact, but not so much when i am in uk.
      so do u think it is all depands on where you are? now you are in bali, do u still want to keep to yourself? i think it is true that when we are young, we do like to make human contact, and when we get old age , we find we cant stand a lot of human beings. we are less tolerant i think and so might prefer to be alone than tolerate people we cannot stand. but only if we can find lots of other things to occupy us, which it is easy to find in uk. if u live in, unless u are happy with meditation for hours on end, in which case u can live a hermit life, no problem.
      but for most people i should think people will find theyk want some human contact. but not the sales pestering kind, which is more likely, and that might put u off cultivating human friendship when u are in but i bet u will still miss the normal human friendship and wish it to happen though. but u know it wont happen in bali. unlike that eat pray love etc book . haha.

      • Sarah M Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 1:58 pm #

        Yes I just find myself getting less sociable as I get older and more inclined to just want to stay in on my own. But I’d forgotten…you know Netflix is blocked in Indonesia? So you may be right about Malaysia

      • alifesgayventure Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 2:37 pm #

        i did not know they block netflix in indonesia. i wonder why they do that? or rather i know, they cannot censor films if it is on netflix. i would not be surprised if malaysia block it or interfere with its speed too. its something everyone puts up with if u live there. i think that is why interacting with each other and other humans can be so big in these countries.

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