tesco whole chicken promotion

31 Aug

london 11.48am sunny 19C friday 2018

fresh whole chicken 1.6kg for £2.56 in tesco, today. i saw their advert in the free newspaper metro . it is about £1.60/kg. frozen chicken pieces in sainsburys is £4 for 2.5kg… so this whole chicken is cheaper even that that. and you get breast meat , so more meat than those chicken pieces. it is well worth buying to cook and or freeze for another day. the only problem is my freezer dont have room for whole chicken, otherwise it would be perfect. i will definitely buy 2. and most probably i shall roast both and then cut one up to freeze. its more economical to roast two whole chickens at the same time in the oven. but i am glad that tesco is selling these cheap chickens . they do it about twice a year, i think. selling cheap chickens in their promotions. when it happens, it is a chance to pig out on chicken. haha. and/or fill up the freezer. added 8.38pm. i went to tesco justnow and they dont have that cheap chicken. interesting, they advertise it but dont stock it. maybe it will appear tomorrow. and the advert came out 1 day too early. 

there is news now about wonga going bankrupt. wonga was quite famous in its day with its old people puppets singing its praise. it was very popular providing credit easily via the internet. but their very success brought on a fierce backlash against them, and now they have collapsed. most of us have been told these high interest credit companies are a bad thing. but this guy, a guardian reporter says it is not always so. he was helped he said when he was a struggling reporter to pay up his outgoings before payday, without getting into the red with his bank account and having to pay overdraft fees. he said even though the interest on the £100-150 he has to borrow , is about £15, (which comes to zillions % APR,)it was still cheaper than the overdraft fees which can be as much as £50.

he gave another viewpoint, from someone who is earning too low to cover his monthly outgoings and rely on wonga to tie him over that short period. it makes u realise that when you are poor, it is difficult to get credit, and then you get into debt and more money is lost paying interest on it, or paying the penalties for going into the red. he works for the guardian and is still unable to pay his outgoings on the salary he gets… it really surprised me. he cannot be the only millenium in this situation…

added 8.41pm. i discussed it with ian, when i met him for our monthly get together in the ageuk canteen in tavistock square. he said he would not get into debt and borrow. and i agree with him, because i know i wont either. i would eat the metaphorical salt fish and rice if i have to. but i notice nowadays people dont seem to be so strict with themselves. perhaps the ease of easy credit is at fault and those who criticise loan sharks like wonga are right that they create the demand by making it so easy to get credit put people at risk of getting easily into debt.

added 8.50pm. read that coca cola had bought costa coffee chain for £4billion. costa is 2nd largest in the world after starbucks. so it looks like cocacola is gearing to invade starbucks territory.

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