1 Sep

london 5.28pm 25.4C sunny (high of 26.8C) saturday 2018. sunrise6.12am sunset7.47pm

some might say we are starting autumn now. and yet it is warm, and the trees have not turned. yet. but for me, real autumn starts on 23sept(the autumn equinox. it moves about each year), and then seal the deal when we changed the clocks about 1 month later.

i read today that the EU might be considering keeping to summer time all year. how likely is it going to happen , i wonder? as usual they are trying to bind every country to one rule. spain is particularly disadvantaged because of the present time being fixed to german time. spain is on the greenwich mean line. and should keep time similar to london. german time is 1hr ahead of GMT. and in summer is 2hrs away. if u keep to the right time for your latitude, it means that when it is noon, the sun is at its highest. so the spanish never did get anything like a normal day , the sun being out of sync with the time all year. i think if i were spanish i will feel a bit cheated. spain is so far south, it could keep to GMT all year. no need to move the clocks at all.

Madrid today sunrise 7.43am, sunset 8.49pm. just think! if it were on GMT, it would have the same sunrise time as london, at a more logical hour 6.12am, instead of so late at 7.43am to see the sunrise. i for one will find it awful to wait so long to get daylight. so if i were in vera playa for eg, i would wake up at 7.30am to the dark. and to my mind, having sunset so late wont compensate.

so now i am enjoying this lovely evening. its only 6.06pm but allready i had my dinner. simon cooked a pork chop and mash with brocolli and peas and gravy.

Digital StillCamera

i allready had a nap earlier, and so am quite rested. earlier this morning i was at marylebone high st. its quite fun to see life there with people sitting out on the pavement having their lunch. it reminds me of when i was on holiday, eating out in the pavement, enjoying a coffee and watching people go by. though i did it in paris, and it is more fun to do that in paris somehow. 

added. 8.37pm . i went to the tesco, justnow, and see that the £1.60/kg chickens are in. plenty of them. but maybe i was so full , i did not buy any. why?  i wonder? perhaps i have allready eaten chicken the last few days and not fancy having any. instead i bought celery, and a 10p loaf, 800mgwarburtons white bread, which was drastically reduced. i am thinking i fancy soft boiled eggs with toast made out of these. its very nice to cut bread toast soldiers and dip it in the half boiled egg. oneof the really delicious simple pleasures of life. its usual to have it for breakfast esp under a morning sun.


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  1. MELewis Sunday September 2, 2018 at 7:40 am #

    I think the move to abolish clock changes is fabulous — 84% of EU citizens agree! It doesn’t matter which time is chosen, winter or summer, as long as we stop the silly charade of moving forward and back. As for Spain, it is a country that is so hot people eat so late anyway – after 10 pm for dinner – I suppose they can sleep in later in the morning. 🙂

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