washing up liquid

4 Sep

london 8.35pm 17C dry night tuesday 2018

11pm . today i used up the last of the washing liquid by ecover, which i got free in their promotion in 3rd may 2018. it is 4sept, so it took me 4 months to finish it. there were 5 bottles 450ml each.  i diluted it by a 10th, that is why i made it last me so long.

hang on.(even with me diluting them i used 5 bottles in 4months. so each bottle dont even last a month… what is going on? have i made a mistake? have i miscounted the bottles and it is not 5 bottles that i took from them? i am sure i got 5 bottles 450ml each. they were really generous with giving it out and not restricting how much each of us can get.

is it possible that i have used so much so quickly??? it makes me think that each undiluted bottle would be quickly used up in the ordinary usage. that means each household must use up a lot of washing up liquid at normal usage.) i am surprised it took only 4months . diluting it by so much, i should expect each bottle to last me 2months each. i think simon has been wasting it. he tends to squirt a lot out and then squirt out somemore, just to soak the dishes. there is no need to add so much washingup liquid when u just want to soak the dishes. usually i end up washing them… and i throw  the dirty water away as soon as i start washing them. i know i should clean the dishes using the dirty water, but it is just too dirty… with bits of food and gravy in it. and i use a fresh load of washing up liquid from a push container that delivers a fixed amount. also, the ecover liquid is colourless, that makes it unnoticeable how much you use so that it is easy to over squirt the amount.

anyway it is all gone now and i am back to using asda’s basic washing liquid. i went to buy it today and found out that it is 34p for 500ml. it must have gone down in price.( i have checked and found from my old records that i bought it in jan and it was 40p. ) i bought two. it must be the cheapest washing liquid in london, if not all of uk. all the other supermarkets have been increasing the price and decreasing the amount. if asda can maintain the amount and decrease the price as well, it just goes to show how much profiteering the others are doing on their washing up liquid. they are just using brexit as an excuse to increase the price and their profit.

i dilute it by a 10th too, even this cheap washing up liquid, so it should last me quite a bit. haha. i know, it is so cheap i could use it full strength and it would still last me , so you might wonder why i bother. but i find it is too concentrated and i waste a lot if i dont dilute it. i dislike waste.

the asda liquid  also have a thick consistency and so does not flow so easily… that makes it easy not to over squirt it out. but i dilute it so that does not apply. i use a punch down dispenser that delivers a fixed amount. but simon uses another container that just pours it out. and that delivers a lot.

i find, now that i have used the ecover washing up liquid, an expensive brand, and can compare it to the cheapest asda brand, that there is no difference in cleaning whether u use expensive or cheap washing up liquid. they are all the same really. they all do a good job of cleaning the dishes.

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