enjoy the moment

6 Sep

london 10.04am 16C sunny thursday 2018

yesterday i was in chelsea, and saw a shop with a new floral display over its doorway. it is an autumnal one, replacing the summer display. its very pretty. the flowers are not real.


life goes on with businesses selling stuff. i should think the whole thing about life is trading… in goods and services. that makes the world go round. commerce is the secret to how civilisations start. so right now, the whole of london is dealing, buying and selling and trading. and everyone is either buying or selling, or both. and the whole of life is really one side trying to persuade or entice the other side to buy. in other words to make consumers of all of us.

i read that the underground is losing customers. the bus is thriving, more people using it it seems, but not the underground. and cross rail will steal more tube customers when it fully opens , though that is delayed . it is supposed to open in dec2018. 

its really strange this dynamic of what makes some businesses thrive whilst others dont. why one shop/restaurant is busy busy, whilst the shop next door is dead. i am glad i dont have to bother with that. life is simpler when there are so many things i can ignore. haha. and i can just enjoy the moment. like right now. 



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