hurricanes and all that

15 Sep

london 11.31am 19C sunny saturday 2018

it’s a lovely sunny day outside my window.

i have been reading about the hurricanes in america, and phillipines, and the thought occurred to me that i am glad to be in uk, away from all that. the american hurricane now is too slow. its a storm now, and hanging around so that it dumps a huge amount of water onto the land. in the phillipines the typhoon is too strong. nature is a bitch. haha.

the news tries to panic us by saying another hurricane (helene) is on its way to uk and will cause a huge storm, but experience tells us it wont be destructive, because by the time it gets here, it will be tamed down as it always does. uk have years , centuries of building with stone, that will withstand everything that is thrown at it. that is why we never have a run on the stores, emptying the shelves of goods unlike other countries where it seems to happen as a matter of course.

unlike the philipines which even though it always has hurricanes every year for yonks , have learnt that it pays to just weather it out. so it never build strong houses  of stone. or rather too poor to build out of stone.  maybe because stone is rare in that country. anyway, its strategy it seems is to build flimsy houses that can be easily destroyed by any wind, ( usually the roof comes off, but it can be easily replaced) with the idea that it is easy to rebuild after it blows away. and to have a strong building built by the local govt, (for eg the school)to shelter people temporarily until the storm is over. 


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