18 Sep

london 2.55pm 22.4C cloudy tuesday 2018

i bought fairtrade assam tea 125mg today. from sainsburys. it is still very good price, at £1.50 for 125mg.

when i checked my shopping weblist, it seems i last bought a pack on jan2018. so that lasted me 9months. and it still hasn’t been used up yet.

when it is loose tea, you can take a long time to finish a pack. they are very good value for money. and preparing it and drinking it gives me such a lot of pleasure. it really embodies that saying that enjoyment is not proportionate to cost.

though nowadays the preparing of it takes second place to the drinking of it. in the past i drink my tea with milk and liked the ritual of preparation but nowadays i dont seem to like that process anymore and have reduced it so much so that i dont drink it with milk anymore. i dont even use a filter to separate the tea leaves. i just let the tea pot settle down so that all the tea leaves lie at the bottom of the pot, and then pour the tea. and since there are no tea dusts , the tea dont get suspended and when the tea water level falls and some tea leaves get poured out, they all fall to the bottom of the cup, so i dont ever get tea bits when i drink it.

and i drink tea like the chinese of old used to do, let the tea leaves stay in the pot. and i fill it just once more with hot water, so reuse the tea leaves for another pot full, and when that is finished ,  i discard all the tea leaves and make another fresh pot. that was the way it was done when i was a kid. 

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  1. MELewis Thursday September 20, 2018 at 6:12 am #

    My favourite tea is full leaf white tea but it has a very subtle taste. I tried leaving the leaves in the pot without any filter and it really made a difference! They really do sink to the bottom so why bother with a filter?

    • alifesgayventure Thursday September 20, 2018 at 1:21 pm #

      oh, you too have discovered an old secret. that you dont need a filter for tea leaves. fortune tellers tell the future from tea leaves, that suggests that it is an age old practice not to bother with filters. but we have forgotten that. i have a suspicion that it is the british that brought in the habit of using filters for tea.

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