bits and bobs

24 Sep

london virgin lounge haymarket st 2.14pm 14.5C sunny monday 2018

this time they (the virgin lounge) put out some fruits, pears and plums. recently i have noticed whenever i came here there were no fruits. hope they are resuming it. they continue to provide biscuits. it is very nice of them really to provide these things. as well as the free coffee and tea and soft drinks. i wonder how long they will continue to do it. i hear they have been bought out. 

Virgin Money to be bought by CYBG – what it means for you. CYBG, the owner of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, has agreed to buy Virgin Money for £1.7bn in a deal that will eventually see all of its retail customers moved to the Virgin Money brand – but there are no changes yet for existing customers.18 Jun 2018. 

simon had bought something from currys online and was told on friday when he checked the progress of the package that they could not deliver to our flat because no one was at home. he asked them to redeliver it today, forgetting that he is working today. he did not ask me to stay in to wait for it, but i decided to do it anyway. after all, i dont have anything urgent to go out for today. luckily the courier came at about 12noon, so that leaves me free to go out in the afternoon. it is a nice sunny day to go out.  but it did make me think about the disadvantage of ordering online. you have to wait around for it to be delivered to your door. how many working people can do that i wonder.

also i dropped by the chinatown new loon moon grocery shop just now and saw they are selling belachan (from indonesia, it comes in blocks rather than paste,) for 50p. it expires end of  oct 2018, that is why they have to sell it cheap. but if u only buy online, you wont be able to see these bargains. i think belachan is the one that gives that authentic malaysian taste to cooking. i haven’t used it before. it does stink up the flat, if u fry it. but i guess that is worth it for that authentic malaysian flavour.  maybe that is why it is not bought much by the people here in uk and that is why they still have so much in stock. they might well stop buying more new stock after this one is gone.

Digital StillCamera

there was a nice prawn sambal recipe today which reminds me of how important belachan is. but of course i am more familiar with ikan bilis used to make a sambal. difficult to get ikan bilis here in uk.

i was looking at the fish balls being sold in that chinatown shop. it is difficult to make fish balls i think. but i saw a recipe by this blog  by jack monroe showing a easy way of making meat balls. i wonder if it is possible to substitute that with fish. might be worth a try. fish and meat balls are just so easy to keep in the freezer for quick meals. 

today is the moon cake festival. chinatown has this bakery setting out tables outside the shop to sell moon cakes at £5 each. i am reminded that i  still have one moon cake left from the 4 that i bought last year. it was after the festival when they were reduced to £5 for 4.  moon cake can keep , or so i hope. haha. but i think i shall eat it now. i love the egg yolks. the ones i bought got two in them. 

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