26 Sep

london 9.51am 12.8C sunny wednesday 2018

sunrise 6:53 AM sunset 6:52 PM
Length of Day 11 h 58 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 55 seconds shorter

i would say today is the real autumn equinox.

life in london is very pleasant. its been brilliant blue sky and sunshine. at least for me. if u are working, it might not be so good… because the piccadilly line (that runs to heathrow) is on strike from today till saturday morning.

oh, also google has done its changes and finally it has come to me… yesterday i noticed an update required on my chrome, and when it finished the tag has changed shape, from trapezoidal to rectangular. i have been told about this change ages ago, finally it came. i have heard they have made other changes but i think it is more applicable to people with smartphones. i dont see any other obvious changes on my laptop. the emphasis these days is all on the smartphone user. they are the ones targetted for ads and scams and what else. thank goodness if they ignore us laptop users it would be a good thing. then we dont get all that scam and stuff. but telephone scamming still goes on, and it seems have caught out a lot of people who should know better. usually they pretend to be from their bank and  tell them their account has been hacked and ask them to transfer money to a new account. there are still people who will fall for that trick.

now that my talktalk provider has told me of a protective method to stop scam calls, i dont receive so many of such calls anymore. they first ask the caller to identify themselves and then tell me who they are and ask me if i want to take the call. only if i agree will they connect me. this seems to get rid of scammers, as they are reluctant to identify themselves. and it is only done for the first call from that person, when they call subsequently, they are put through straight away. that happened to my friend when he called me the first time, and then later i got his call put through without them asking him again. its quite a good safeguard i thought. what i dont know will happen is if i were not in… what happens to that call? will the other person think i have deliberately refused them? 

added. 6.23pm 21.6C sunny . i have just come back from the circuit training. 6 of us there this time. two new guys.

earlier i went to chinatown where some restaurants were giving away free dumplings to celebrate dumpling day today. i managed to get dumplings from three of them. have to queue. and they only give a limited amount of dumplings so the queues soon disperse when the numbers were reached.  i did not see steve, and his wife, so maybe they did not make it. it was a young crowd who queued up. 



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