a snap shot of life in london today

29 Sep

london 4.07pm 20.4C sunny saturday 2018

i am surprised the temp is so high, hitting 20C. i was out and about earlier. went to the library in marylebone, and read the saturday papers; and went to the waitrose nearby there to get a coffee, (free), and then took the bus to spitalfields market, near liverpool st for the free icecream. it is breyers, and their selling point for their icecream is that it is low calorie. they sell it in supermarkets for about £5 a carton.

i met an american couple(they look like they are late 20s, early 30s) who are on holiday here. this was in spitalfields market. i sat next to them and the man apologised to me for using a vaper. i did not even noticed his vapering, and we got talking of his travelling, and his use of airbnb, in paris, and amsterdam, and here in london. he said it is the labour day bank holiday now that is why he is able to get time off to travel. he works in a bank, in the security section.

he said he prefers to use airbnb, even though it costs 500(dont know if it is US$or £s for a 4night stay here in london, compared to 900 for amsterdam or paris. he said it is higher in those two cities because of taxes, but later i got from him that he stayed in a flat in those countries compared to a room in a shared house here. so he is not comparing like for like. he said he likes staying at airbnb places instead of a hotel. his reason was that he feels it is more local and more close to the culture staying at a airbnb than in a hotel. i was thinking maybe the hotel decor is so international that it does not give people an idea of the atmosphere of the place they are in. you could be anywhere in the world if u stay at international hotels since most of them  have the same bland inoffensive fit- anywhere- in- the- world decor that does not reflect the local flavour. so maybe that is why he feels he is more into the local culture when he stays in the airbnb. 

i wandered into the library there and found that it is closed over the weekend, so no newspapers. luckily i allready went to the marylebone library to read the papers. but i noticed a note on the notice board saying there is an exhibition today of leather fetish … and when i went there i was astonished to see a load of tom of finland and night club posters and flyers about the leather scene. most of it is gay porno stuff. quite amusing to see all this depicting cocks galore in a library… and i was chatting to a guy , we were both looking at t-shirts with fetish images printed on them, and i was commenting that they are very small, so small that even i would find them tight fitting. he said it is because these guys like it very small to show off their muscles and to stretch the material over their nipples to show it off. he told me he is going to see the archives downstairs and ask me if i want to join him. it seems he got permission for a conducted tour of the archives storage space by one of the staff. so we went downstairs into a locked room where there were loads of shelves with stuff, past copies of gay magazine qx (a free gay london mag about gay listings with the usual naked pics of guys which is no more now) and lots of labour stuff, and gay activist materials. they were all in boxes. so i did not get to open them and have a look inside. it seems you can come here to do research if u want. and they are looking for new stuff, if u have any to donate.

i wonder how all these material will fare in future. printed stuff is all old hat now… what with digital images in the internet being the norm now.

what will they like to collect for a future collection, i wonder?. how about gay dvd porn, which is quickly disappearing as the machines to show them become obsolete. nowadays who have dvd machines anymore? ah well, even now the material looks very dated. if they collect dvd porn, it will certainly make it more interesting to watch them in the future.

gay life is changing, and very rapidly too. even within my life i can see it is changing. what is more noticeable is that the changes are very rapid, not gradual at all. 



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