first impressions

5 Oct

london 12.21pm sunny 17.8C friday 2018

i had thought of going again to that kimchee free lunch offer today, but i forgot the time, and when i next looked it was 11.40am, and i felt too lazy to move. haha. its a brilliant sunny day too. blue sky and all that. ah well, nevermind.

instead i made porridge in the microwave and had that instead. it is very pleasing to have a plain meal of porridge. it feels very cleansing. (because i have visions of it gushing down my guts and making everything flush out easy in the days that follow.)

now that i had eaten the korean food i have this impression that it is very sweet. all those people saying first impressions are important are quite right, i cannot shake off this feeling that korean food is sweet. and not liking it because of that. it is like someone eating malaysian food and the first thing they tried is cooked very sweet, and forever and a day they go away thinking that is all there is to malaysian foods, that it is very sweet. or if they first tried a very chilly hot dish, they might think all malaysian foods are just chilli hot.  so i know it is wrong to get that feeling about korean foods, but until i try a non sweet korean dish, that impression just will not go away. that is the strength of first impressions. they are very powerful in their influence.



2 Responses to “first impressions”

  1. MELewis Friday October 5, 2018 at 2:21 pm #

    You’re right about first impressions, they are very hard to change. Perhaps that’s why so many people think the French are rude as their first contact was with a waiter or train controller. 😉

  2. alifesgayventure Friday October 5, 2018 at 3:29 pm #

    that reminds me of my first contact with french people and you are right, it is the waiters and shop staff that we first get into contact with french people and they get very impatient when dealing with foreigners who cannot speak their language and show it. it is normal of course to be irritated with people who cannot understand your language but other countries expect and train their staff not to show it. french staff dont seem to be able to hide their feelings or more likely dont like their boss to tell them to hide that feeling haha. also this french custom of greeting customers, or expecting customers to greet the servers. only in france that u get this expectation of a greeting from the customers when they first step into the shop, so when the customers dont do it, the staff gets angry, for being ignored . so their first impression of the customer is that they are rude or too snobbish to acknowledge the staff and give the impression they look down on them. but no where else in the world are customers expected to greet the staff with a good morning or afternoon when they step into the shop.

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