what is a good life. wine drinking?

6 Oct

london 9.6C raining 2.59pm saturday 2018

i read this about a banksy stencil shredding itself after it had been sold in sothebys this morning. it made my attention when i  first came across a blogger mentioned it in my wordpress reader.  it must have just happened just this morning. it is a rainy day today, and i would have thought not many people will be out and about. so those who are at the auction on this saturday wet morning would have seen something to perk up their day. haha. actually today is the first time it rained after a dry spell and warm weather. after today it seems the weather will get colder.added. 11.39pm, seems the forecast has changed and it will be warmer next week. but still, it wont get much higher than 20C. it is autumn after all. we are not going to see 25C or higher.

from a daily mail report, an art critic says that stunt might have doubled the value of that shredded object. i thought when i first read of it, that it would have destroyed its value, but nowadays the world is so topsy turvy, even this act of destruction can make something more valuable.

earlier i was not sure if i want to go see an italian exhibition, near me. it is a product exhibition of italian producers to advertise their goods. held annually. i used to go every year. i was about to not go today, or go tomorrow, but decided i better get it over with. so i went, but only after i got something to eat. it is not always that u can get some thing filling to eat there. they have cooking demonstrations, and after wards you queue up to eat the food, but there is not a lot of it to share out. 

even with the rain, there were lots of people there. i got there about 1.30pm. it might be empty earlier in the morning, when it first opened. who knows.

today, maybe not as busy as it will be tomorrow when good weather is forecast. today is more bearable, in that there is some room to move about. there were lots of cheese, and dried preserved meats to sample, and bread to soak up their sample of olive oils; and wine of course, though i did not bother to take a glass as i am not really that interested in drinking wine. i find the cheese and preserved meats all taste the same, all slightly salty. and the olive oil taste the same to me.so i am afraid it all went over my head. i dont know which ones are special, or how they are different from each other.

i guess you could say i am missing out of the joy of tasting wine, and tasting the cheeses and preserved meats and olive oil.

wine tasting/drinking is one of the biggest joys it seems that a person can indulge in. not only in tasting the different wines, but the joy of getting inebriated and the joyful feeling of it. or so i am told. haha.

well, i shall have to just enjoy that in another life. right now, in this life, i am glad i dont like wine or any alcoholic drinks. it simplifies my life a lot. one less thing to get addicted to. and be held as a prisoner to. that is how i look at addictions. they are like jailers, they put you in a prison.

i met a friend who lives near me in that exhibition. you would think it must be quite common to meet friends who live nearby in an exhibition that is also in the same area, but in all the time i have been going to this exhibition i have never met anyone i know in there. she was there with 4 friends. they are all from s.e.asia. they are from the phillipines, i think, though she introduced me to one lady who is from kluang, johor, malaysia. they are all members of a church group near me. i remember that church for its nice laksa, and nasi lemak food which they sell for £3 every sunday. they give it free if it is the first time you are there. 

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