my old chromebook failed

11 Oct

london thursday 2018 pimlico library

i am typing this in the library computer, using their wifi . this is because my chromebook finally gave up the ghost last night andthe screen went blank.

i went to the currys pc store in goodge st and was told that the graphic card has failed that is why there is no picture, just a white screen. and when i asked how much to replace it, i was told it can be £150, so easier to just buy a new one.

the store dont seem to have any 13″ chromebooks. just 14″ and one 12.1″. the 14″ is too big, and the 12.1″ is too expensive. they have a 11.1″ for £179. the store assistant went online on his laptop and brought up the john lewis website when i told him i like john lewis’ 2yr guarantee policy. currys dont have a 2 yr guarantee. and i noticed in the webiste the same chromebook selling for £179 in here was selling for   for £159.95 in john lewis. so that really clinched it for me. i allready wanted to buy from john lewis, and now i found out that the chromebook is even cheaper there.

i did a test on the 11.1″chromebook in the store, to see if i can tolerate   the picture and size, and found it was ok, i could get used to it, if i enlarge the font. and the whole thing is a smaller size, so will be easy to put into my gym bag and carry it around with me , unlike now when the 13″ i got can be quite big and bulge out my gym bag .

so i went to john lewis in oxford st to buy it, but i find that they only have 2 models of chromebook on display both very expensive.  and when i mentioned their online price, the assistant said i can get online to shop for that cheaper chromebook.

so i was wandering around, trying out the two models, both very expensive, and looking at the other models, and luckily another assistant, a lady  this time, asked me whether she could help and i said i am looking for a chromebook, but you only got two models. she then said she can order it for me if u like. well that is great. so she did that, just went online on one of the display models, brought up the website and i told her i wanted the £159 one, she found it and said right, wait here and i shall order it. and she came back and led me to the cashier, and he took my details, and asked if i want to pay by credit card. i said cash, and he sent me to the cash desk to buy a gift voucher, and i took that back to him and he entered it and that is that. i bought myself a new chrome book. collect after 2pm tomorrow at the same store. i could collect it from any waitrose store too. well, i am glad i got that assistant to help me. the first one was not on the ball, obviously. he nearly lost a sale there. not to mention, it would be real inconvenient for me to do it by myself, having to use this library computer to do it. and i only am allowed 1hr free to use everyday. in fact i allready use 30mins of my time. so i shall post this. 

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