what happens to old chromebooks?

13 Oct

london 11.54pm 23.6C sunny saturday 2018

its a lovely sunny day today, blue sky and cloudless. each year merge into the next so i have only a vague idea of each year, but i think this year has been really very pleasant weather wise.

added. 6.30pm i just realised it is in london i am referring to. the news certainly makes us all aware of bad weather news elsewhere in the world. now that we get 24hr news, it is difficult to escape reading about  bad weather news anywhere in the world.

if anything is to be learnt about modern lessons for living our lives today, it is that  man must separate bad news that do not affect him from bad news that affects him. and learn to act accordingly, putting bad news that do not affect him way back in his view of his life. 

i got an email from steve, asking me what i plan to do with my old chromebook. so i replied that i dont have any plans for it, and if he wants it he is welcome to it. i said if he can find someone who can scavenge another chromebook and harvest it for its graphic card, maybe he can use that to replace the one that is spoilt in mine and get it working again. though he is using a smartphone to get online now, so i wonder if he will find a chromebook that useful. 

i often wonder where old chromebooks or laptops go to when they are discarded. surely there must be a nice business there in harvesting them for spareparts. if a graphic card can cost £150 to replace i would think there is money to be made there. though the cost base must be low, if i can replace mine for a new one for £160, i dont think i want to buy a refurbished one for more than £50. added. i have been thinking if he had said that my old chromebook can be repaired for £50 , would i accept that? i think i would. so there might be a market for someone to repair it unofficially and that would depand on him able to get free or cheap recycled spareparts  salvage from old discarded chromebooks. the trouble is difficulty finding such a person. where can you go to advertise your services? it has to be word of mouth. maybe someone who does it as a hobby, or to start as that and see if there is a big demand for such a service.

added. i went into the john lewis website to find my chromebook. i must have bought the last one, because it is listed as out of stock. 

HP 11-v001n Chromebook, Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 11.6”, Grey link


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