leisure time

14 Oct

london 3.15pm 12.4C rain sunday 2018

rainy day today.

there is a half marathon being run in central london around trafalgar square. so i am avoiding that area.

fortunately i am going to the paddington library, and that route by- pass the centre of town. things are quiet all along the route. i did not see any runners even though the route goes through hydepark corner. with this weather people will just endup inside the buildings, like inside coffee shops rather than walk about outdoors.

it might explain why the library was so busy. hardly any empty seats. though nobody reading the books. it is long gone are those days when people actually go to a library to read books. they were all at the study desks, maybe reading their school books, or like the guy sitting next to me, watching or listening to music on his chromebook. whereas i am half watching and listening to pal joey, a film starring sinatra, and rita hayworth on tv which i can get on my chromebook; whilst also surfing the internet.

i dont know what other people get up to on a sunday, apart from running a half marathon.this long article tells me of a guy who is addicted to video games. so that is one way of whiling away the time.

i am watching antz on tv now that i am back home. so that is another way to while away the time. in fact i would say watching tv must take up a lot of people’s leisure time. 

the sunday paper is full of  travel news, one feature they are doing today is  on the start of the longest non stop SIA flights to usa; personally i am not too keen on such long flights. 13hrs is about my limit really.and that is the time of flights to kl from london non stop.  so london to kl is about the non stop limit i can take.   

i did not read the article in the sunday times, so i googled it, and found sia is giving a special promotion fare of about $1500. it doesnot say if it is US$ or singapore $. most probably US$. everything is quoted in US$ nowadays.(it is a one way fare,i think). it does not say how long the flight. added, here is a link to a report that does give the flying time. though it is a misleading time, usually it takes 19hrs.

added. 11.28pm . i went into the SIA website and see they have now clarified the price and it is in SGD. and it is return fare. at current exchange rate it is about £830 return. and it is to los angeles. 

i read also that the bankof england is going to bring in a new £50 note, sometime  after 2020 and  it will be plastic. it is an attempt to stop forgeries, and also money laundering with these high value notes. in fact, they were thinking of getting rid of £50 notes completely, but parliament revolted against that idea. how come the EU can get away with its 500Eu notes then? that must be a moneylaunderer’s wet dream. 


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