a rainy day

17 Oct

london 11.29am, 14c light rain wednesday 2018

1.45pm rain 14C victoria library

i am supposed to be going to the circuit class this afternoon and would be setting out to go there now, but i got a text message from my friend david saying he was informed that the sports centre was flooded and so the circuit class is cancelled. i was reminded that i must give my new mobile number to our trainer so that he can keep me informed. as it is i am glad that david text me to tell me of it, otherwise i would have gone to no avail.

anyway i got a £25 prize from the premium bonds in the post today. and it was a good excuse to go out to bank it, inspite of its been lightly drizzling rain all day practically.

on the bus a lady fell, when the bus started moving, and at first i thought she must be an old lady, but no, she was early 30s. there was an old lady next to her, also standing , they were all crowded near the exit , waiting to get off i suspect, and i would have thought the old lady would be the one falling. it is usual to expect old people to fall about, but no, it was this relatively young woman. i wonder why she did not hold on to something. it is the first thing you do when u are standing up on a bus.

i could see the edge of the seat hit her back, near her right kidney. hope she is ok. but that area of the body  is the most vulnerable , because there is not much fat or padding there to protect the kidney.



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