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18 Oct

london 8.36am 11C sunny thursday 2018

saw this about facebook being sued for saying people are using more videos and then finding out that they dont, . it seems the method they use to measure it is wrong, and they overstate the case. advertisers are sueing them for measuring it wrong and not correcting it till a year later.

i am wondering if there might be more factors involved…and not just the wrong methodology for measuring it. it might well be a trend for vidoes uptake increasing, but might have been killed off when the advertisers jumped on the bandwagon and started putting their adverts in. for eg, i myself find the adverts so intrusive in these videos, that when the adverts come up,(and i find out it is going to go on for 30secs instead of 10secs) i just switch off the video, rather than bother to see it. and then it got to the point where i just dont turn on the video anymore, because i just know there will be long adverts that will come on before the main content. so if other people are doing what i did, than that will certainly cause video viewing to drop. so facebook may be right in predicting the trend to more viewers of videos, but when the advertisers jumped on that , they killed it. and the statistics started showing it.

i myself dont care for videos even if it has no adverts. because i find it tedious to go through someone’s slow delivery and their accent and mannerisms to get to his or her point/s. it is quicker if it is a text, than you can skim through it quickly to get at the points. when i read that the trend is more video viewing, i thought that i was the old odd man out, out of touch with the world, but it seems a lot of people feels the same as me about videos. when i read that article i get to read this…

quote;Who were all these people watching tons of video on Facebook when nobody we knew in real life, including ourselves, was actually watching video on Facebook? But it was easy to write off those concerns: We must be too media bubble-y, too old (even though half our staff writers were in their early twenties), to recognize what was really going on.unquote

as to whether facebook knows of it and kept it quiet for a year, that might be difficult to prove, because you could argue that facebook have to wait, to see the trend forming. you need time to pass to ascertain if it is a trend or not.

though if they (the sue-ers) can prove that facebook knows that its methodology is wrong and did not correct it till a year later, they might have a case against facebook. 

but looking at the news now you can see they are all trending to use videos, esp pop ups. very irritating to me, i dont know whether others feel the same way about them, and they keep popping up even when i close them. for some reason, it is not possible to block the pop ups if it is inside the page of that website of that newspaper. 

One Response to “adverts in videos”

  1. Sarah M Friday October 19, 2018 at 10:46 am #

    yes I keep getting told that if you want to get through to younger people then you have to use video. I’m constantly getting bombarded with courses teaching video skills and such. I’m not keen and I prefer to read something really, but maybe I’m just getting old. With travelling and using poor wifi I often struggle to load videos so that is another reason I don’t like it.

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