powers of attorney

18 Oct

london 6.35pm

i have wanted to have it done when i made my will,this was 2yrs ago,  but it was too complicated to think about, so i left it undone. instead i made my will, and simon made his will, and then we decided to get married. and this we did.

now i am beginning to think about this power of attorney. in case one of us become mentally incapacitated. the lawyers who i consulted about our will called me just now and reminded me of it. that is why i am thinking of it now. i told simon about it, and he went online and found out that we can make our own legal document online . no need for a solicitor to do it for us. it costs £85 to register that so called lasting power of attorney. we need to make two one for me, and one for simon, so that will be double the cost.

it is quite a complicated document, that is why i can understand why people prefer to use a solicitor. and it  comes with its psychological baggage too, because it is like signing over all your financial assets to another … in the event of your mind going gaga. and who is to decide when i am mentally incapacitated? i wonder. it seems someone have to certify that before the power of attorney can be activated. 



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